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Wayleadr has everything your company needs to make managing employee parking as easy as possible.

Parking allocation management

Car park access management

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Car park occupancy management

Car park data & reporting

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Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

Whether you have 20 employees or 200,000, Wayleadr will transform your employee parking experience

Always getting sucked into the manual management of employee parking?

Employ our parking bot Newton, the world's most powerful employee parking manager to monitor occupancy and automate the allocation of spare space to employees in need, ensuring all your space is full all of the time.

Fed up managing employee parking using spreadsheets and messaging apps?

Bring all aspects of employee parking management online to ensure you can solve all your parking problems in the click of a button.

Versatile building blocks for all your
parking management.

Use Wayleadr’s award-winning algorithm to transparently allocate your staff parking on a rolling basis. Choose the criteria which matter to your company e.g. previous usage, seniority, distance to travel.

Bespoke one to one alerts for employees when the car park is full, occupancy is restricted or when parking nudges are occurring.

Integrate seamlessly with existing barriers and gates, ensuring only people with designated parking privileges can access the parking lot.

Allow staff to monitor occupancy remotely empowering them to choose alternative transport for days the car park is busy.

Streamline your employee car park with real insights around occupancy and usage patterns, ensuring you have the car park your company needs.


Integrate with your existing systems

Connect Wayleadr with existing hardware & software systems to ensure a streamlined employee experience.


Sync Wayleadr with your access control systems to digitize the parking experience. Ensuring only employees with valid bookings can access the car park.

Parking sensors/cameras

Unlock the full potential of parking hardware with Wayleadr, leverage our award winning mobile apps to direct employees to empty space in real-time.

Internal communications

Seamlessly roll-out through SSO. Sync with existing communication and collaborations softwares to maximise the ease and effectiveness of Wayleadr.

Case Studies

Our Happy Customers

Check out how these companies are using Wayleadr to manage employee parking like clockwork.


Learn how co-working provider Huckletree uses Wayleadr to automate parking management in a busy, flexible working space.

Organize your parking space in minutes

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